Denturist Education
Bates Technical College is a six semester associates degree program located in Tacoma, WA and is the only accredited college in the United States to offer denturist training program

The American Denturist School in Eugene, OR offers an online program for denture lab technicians desiring to advance to licensed denturists.

George Brown College  is a three-year accredited denturist training program located in Toronto, Ontario. Training includes: Treatment planning; Design; Fabrication and fitting of complete partials and dentures; Immediate and implant supported dentures; Practical clinical procedures.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

​​​"Regulating the denturist profession across the Nation in providing affordable denture care for Americans is the little thing we can do to help with the current healthcare crisis. People are healthier and more productive when they have a denture which functions properly."​

Wyoming State 

Denturist Association

​​​Denturists: Alternative healthcare providers for oral health screenings and referrals.
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What is a Denturist
• Licensed Oral Healthcare Professional
• Provides referral services
• Provides removable oral prosthesis care
• Works independently with patient along with the dental team

Services Include
• Consultation
• Oral health exam
• New removable oral prostheses
• Relines
• Repairs
• Adjustments 

Service Intervention
• Shortage of dentists
• Retirement
• Shortage of dental schools
• Accessibility
• Economical barrier
• Rural care
• Safe Delivery System
• Qualified
• Reliable
• Educated

Benefits of Denturists
Frees up valuable chair time procedures to include
• Restorative
• Cosmetic
• Emergency Dental Care
• Children

Oral Health Care Service

• Surgeon General’s Call to Action
• Raising awareness
• Patients
• Legislators
• Public officials
• Healthcare professionals
• Wellness
• Service to all segments of the public

International Federation of Denturists
National Denturist Association
Oregon State Denturist Association
Washington Denturist Association